Tonight’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” looks promising as Bob Newhart returns as Professor Proton, the role that earned him his long overdue first Emmy award. Bill Nye, the Science Guy also appears.
When I reviewed “The Big Bang Theory” for The Naperville Sun when it premiered in 2007, I was not impressed. And so I haven’t seen much of the first two seasons. My sister got me hooked on it during its third season and I have been watching ever since. I think it’s the most original and consistently funny TV comedy to come along in many years.
The following are my five favorite episodes:
“The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” (third season) — It’s still laugh out funny to me despite seeing it a few times. Penny injures herself and has to have Sheldon drive her to the hospital while Leonard, Howard and Raj eat some “funny” cookies given to them by a couple of aging hippies. The last couple minutes of this episode are pure comedic genius.
“The Hot Troll Deviation” (fourth season) – Howard tries to get back with Bernadette after they break up. But the best plot line involves Raj and Sheldon sharing an office at the university. Of course it doesn’t work.
“The Tenure Turbulence” (sixth season) – The guys battle for an open tenure position at the university and have to do a lot of sucking up. They just don’t know when to stop when it comes to the human resources director who has a say in the decision.
“The Agreement Dissection” (fourth season) – Sheldon goes out dancing with the girls. It’s another of the many reasons why Jim Parson has deserved his multiple Emmys.
“The Pants Alternative” (third season) – Sheldon uses the wrong method to cure his fear of speaking in public. The disaster ends on a video website.

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