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I’m back after a few days of rest for the blog as bigger priorities needed my attention. Today, we’re going to the a la carte menu, just assorted items that have grabbed my attention recently.
The season finale of “Covert Affairs” took place last Thursday on USA. Now I am probably being too careful, but I don’t want to give away any specific details because you might not have seen the episode yet.
I will say it was a satisfying conclusion to another season for the show. A new season, the fifth, premieres this coming summer.
Piper Perabo stars as CIA agent Annie Walker, who is hot in a cocktail dress, but more than capable of separate a bad guy from his teeth or from being conscious.
The supporting cast adds much to the show led by Christopher Gorham as Auggie Anderson, a blind CIA operative that works with Annie. The two became an item late last season and into this season which added another interesting story line.
Hill Harper joined the cast this season after “CSI :New York” wrapped up. He actually gets to act in his role as Calder Michaels. In the “CSI” shows, the evidence get better lines than the actors.
But what I like most about “Cover Affairs” is that it is the television show that feels the most like the recent James Bond movies with Daniel Craig. The show has been shot on location before or the producers have exterior sets that look almost like the real thing.
And Walker takes her lumps and is in life and death situations most episodes. It’s not all glamour and vodka martinis, shaken not stirred.
But for the most part, good triumphs over evil in the end on “Covert Affairs.”
***I was trying to figure out what that whooshing sound, that NBC 5 in Chicago uses on its newscasts before putting up its Breaking News or Developing Story graphics, sounds the most like. I figured it out. It sounds exactly like a train or airplane toilet. It’s annoying and it should be taken off. The viewer is not stupid and knows that a big story is coming up on just the graphics alone.

***A sports item to end today’s episode. It may not be a problem now, but the Blackhawks need to make sure their backup goaltending situation is shored up. Corey Crawford will obviously see the majority of games, but the NHL schedule is compressed and Crawford might play for Canada in the upcoming Winter Olympics. He’ll come back to the rest of the regular season and the playoffs. The Hawks cannot risk him running out of gas. He needs a break every now and then. Nikolai Khabibulin showed his age early on in the season before being injured. Hopefully, Antti Raanta, recently called up from Rockford, can do the job.