As I have grown older, my Christmas entertainment has obviously matured. But one thing I refused to give up from childhood is a “Charlie Brown Christmas” which airs tonight, Monday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. CST on ABC.
It premiered in 1965 and if it is possible to find the true meaning of Christmas through television, this show is it. It broke no new ground with animation, but it remains as fresh today as it did 48 years ago.
The plot is simple. Charlie Brown tries to find the true meaning of Christmas as the holiday becomes more commercial.
My favorite Christmas music is the soundtrack from the show courtesy of the brilliant jazz composer Vince Guaraldi, who wrote and performed most of the music for Charlie Brown movies and specials.
Was channel surfing the other day and stumbled upon “The Patty Duke Show” which ran during the mid-1960s and I’m reminded of some of the worst lyrics ever written for a theme show. “Patty likes to rock and roll. A hot dog makes her lose control.” Ooooooookay.
On that same episode, Daniel J. Travanti, 17 years before the start of “Hill Street Blues”, played the captain of the football team. It’s always interesting to see actors in their early roles.
If anyone thinks they could have predicted the outcome of Saturday’s Auburn-Alabama game, they’re stretching the truth. What an ending!
As a Blackhawks fan, life is good. There’s lots of season left. Don’t think too much and just enjoy it. And Antti Ranta might just be the answer for No. 2 goalie. He’s been strong so far in his appearances.
It’s been about 72 hours since Iowa beat Nebraska by 21 points. Did I say Iowa beat Nebraska by 21 points? I AM STILL PUMPED!!!!