The passing of former Chicago star disc jockey Larry Lujack has many people my age reliving fond memories of their youth and I’m no exception.
When my sister got a new radio for Christmas I was given her old one and I started listening to WLS, 890 on my AM dial, around the age of 11. It was top 40 music with some really great tunes and a lot of crap. For every Doobie Brothers song, we had to listen to Paper Lace’s, “The Night Chicago Died” or Terry Jacks’ “Seasons in the Sun.” But at the time, my friends and I thought all the tunes were good. We didn’t know any better. 
It was radio where the music was important, but we listened for the disc jockeys as well whether it was Lujack or Fred Winston, Tommy Edwards, Bob Sirott and John “Records” Landecker.
They did bits. Lujack and Edwards did “Animal Stories” in the morning and Landecker did “Boogie Check” at night.
As I was going through high school, Chicago radio changed and more people flocked to FM, especially rock-and-roll WLUP. By college, WLS was pretty much all talk.
Now with internet radio, iPods and the like, I wonder how any commercial music station that focuses on the latest hits makes it.
At least radio wise, I think I have grown up. If I want talk, I go to a talk or news station. If I want music, I go to a music station and please keep the music going and the talk and commericals to a minimum.
But the WLS of my youth will always be a fond memory.