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It’s the second and hopefully final day of Freezeyourbuttoff-palooza. You’ve been stuck inside all day because of the weather or you’ll hunker down this evening. And you are looking for entertainment. The following five films I think might give you a well-deserved break from the weather. They are entertaining films and maybe more importantly they take place in warm weather.
1. “L.A. Story” (1991) – This movie is kind of forgotten now, but I consider it one of Steve Martin’s best. It’s his salute/satire about life and love in Los Angeles. The restaurant scene early in the movie might have broken some sort of record for the number of different ways to order coffee.
2. “Thunderball” (1965) – A good number of James Bond films have parts that take place in warm weather areas. But the fourth assignment for Sean Connery as 007 was filmed mostly in the Bahamas. Bond tries to recover stolen atomic bombs from villain Emilio Largo (Adolph Celi) while enjoying life in the hotels and on the beaches of the capital Nassau.
3. The beach movies with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon (1963-1966) – The plots were paper thin. No, you could see through the plots. Well, there were no plots. But on cold days like we’ve had recently, do you really care? You are watching people having fun in warm weather and eventually you will experience it for real.
4. “Running Scared” (1986) – Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal play two Chicago police detectives trying to stop a big drug dealer (Jimmy Smits) while preparing for retirement as bar owners in Key West, Florida. Only a short portion of the film takes place in Florida. It’s a funny/action-packed film. But what makes it a warm weather film is that the producers used an awful-looking shaving cream-like substance for snow during filming of a few scenes because the winter in Chicago then was so mild. It reminds you that, yes, mild winters do take place in Chicago.
5. “The Brady Bunch Movie” (1995) – I felt that it was implied that the TV series about America’s perfect family and the two laugh-until-hurts satirical Brady Bunch movies made later took place in the Los Angeles area. I’m so glad that Marcia wasn’t cold when the football hit her nose.