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Hello to everyone out there in Blogland. My apologies for no new episodes of “As The D.J. Turns” in a while. I’ve been busy with work I get paid for and have recently been sick. In the future, I will post as often as I can, but certain things in my life have to take priority.

Now down to business. . .

I am not a big fan of award shows, but I always watch the Oscars and last night was no exception. I’m a big movie fan and I’m curious to see who wins. Plus, like everyone else, I want to see how each year’s host performs and if they’ll make me laugh. A few thoughts come to mind from last night’s show.
***Last year’s host Seth MacFarlane was criticized heavily for his “Family Guy”-like humor. I mean, he did sing the song, “We Saw Your Boobs.”
This year’s host, Ellen DeGeneres, toned things down considerably and had some funny moments. But the show was borderline dull. I would hope that those who produce the show in the future could find a modern day version of one of the three best Oscar hosts ever — Bob Hope, Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal — and make the show lively without appealing to the lowest common denominator. Perhaps, Jimmy Fallon might take over one day and be an Oscar regular like Hope, Carson and Crystal were.
***I’m always glad to see, like last night, when the Oscar wealth is spread among as many different movies as possible. It makes for a better show and obviously gives more recognition to outstanding films.
***As the NHL is back in full swing after the Olympics, there has been talk about whether NHL players will compete in 2018 in South Korea. They will be there. The players like the Olympics and the NHL bigwigs seem to like it as well. But I wonder about NHL owners, general managers and coaches being as enthusiastic. I know I wouldn’t be. New York Islanders star John Tavares tore up his knee during the Olympics and is out until next season. I know fans of the Chicago Blackhawks wouldn’t be happy if Patrick Sharp or Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane were injured in the Olympics and couldn’t finish out the NHL season. And remember the best moment for the United States in Olympic hockey came in 1980 courtesy of college players.
***The other night on Turner Classic Movies I watched the “The Adventures of Robin Hood”, released in 1938 and starring Errol Flynn. It’s a good film, but I couldn’t help but snicker and think of Mel Brook’s parody of movies such as this, “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” But what makes this film a memorable view is I think it was the first movie where the use of color film hit its stride. The use of color film was in its infancy back then and this film showed the progress made. It won an Oscar for art direction, but should have gotten at least a nomination for cinematography.