I haven’t posted to my blog, “As The D.J. Turns” in about over a year. I felt obligated to write long pieces and I’m generally pretty busy and it got to be too much.
I started missing this blog a month or two ago and will give it another try. Also gaining more experience with a content management system like WordPress isn’t a bad thing either. I will try to blog every day, but I can’t make a definite promise. And my entries might be just a few paragraphs.
But “ATDJT” will continue to focus on television, movies, the arts, news media and when I feel the topic is right, sports. As always I appreciate any comments you might have.

Television series are beginning to show their last few episodes of the season leading to usually cliffhanger season finales.
“NCIS” is down to three new episodes with the first one being shown tonight (Tuesday, April 28) at 7 CDT on CBS. The story arc is Gibbs and his team going after an international terrorist group. Published reports and TV spoiler websites have indicated the end of the season will be pretty intense and it sounds like Emily Wickersham’s Bishop might have finally involved into a main character instead of a desk filler. “NCIS” has hit a few stale spots this season, but continues to be a consistently entertaining program.

“NCIS: New Orleans” follows “NCIS” tonight and I’ll be honest. I know it’s a hit, but I quit watching after the sixth or seventh episode. I just didn’t like it. There’s nothing wrong with the casting. Scott Bakula, CCH Pounder, Zoe McLellan and Lucas Black are fine actors. But they need to be given something interesting to say and there was no chemistry among the characters at least in the episodes I saw. But I am going to give it another chance and watch the rest of the season’s episodes this summer. One thing I learned as a TV watcher and newspaper TV critic is that shows need time to develop. You take the first season of “NCIS” and compare it to later seasons and the quality difference is huge.