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The other night I was watching TV with my Dad and he turned to one of his favorite channels, Hallmark Channel.
I know people who love the channel and others that can’t go near it. As for me, I enjoy trips to Hallmark Channel neighborhood every now and then.
Most of Hallmark Channel’s programming are original movies and an original TV series here and there along with some classic TV programs such as “The Waltons.”
There have been a couple of Hallmark Channel movies I just couldn’t watch — too far-fetched and too sickly sweet.
But there have been some good Westerns on the channel, the “Hallmark Hall of Fame” anthology, which produced some of the finest TV movies ever, is on the channel after moving from network TV and Tom Selleck’s latest turn as small-town police chief Jesse Stone comes this fall in a new mystery movie.
The movie the other night was typical Hallmark Channel fare. Everyone looked perfect, they had money, beautiful homes, great jobs and plenty of time away from those jobs to deal with a conflict that is preventing the lead female character and lead male character from getting together in the bonds of love. That conflict is a usually a 2 on a scale from 1 to 10 and is always solved by the closing credits.
I love action television shows, realistic dramas and I follow current events regularly. But sometimes I need a break from the make-believe mayhem of TV and the real mayhem shown on TV news programs and visit a place where the real world is barred.