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My father is a great guy. Say he has 100 great qualities. I’m glad to have 99 of them.
The 100th is taste in music. I’m wondering if I have that quality and I’m a little concerned. đŸ™‚
Now to his credit, he introduced me to Glenn Miller as a kid and I have loved Miller’s music ever since. I own a greatest hits CD of his music.
But while there was Miller during my childhood, there was Muzak and Lawrence Welk. Muzak is a form of music that is usually very soothing and mostly instrumentals. It was a staple of trips to the dentist office or grocery store when I was growing up. My folks bought 8-track tapes from Reader’s Digest of the stuff. My aunt and uncle, who lived in Omaha, Nebraska, often had then beautiful music KEZO-FM on. The music was so soothing that the portable radio that was on the kitchen counter would often fall face first and start snoring.
My folks were huge fans of Lawrence Welk and his television show that was on for many years. My sister and I had to watch it. I disliked it then and I dislike it like now. It was music to harden your arteries or eat your fiber by.
However, I have to come clean in this posting. I do like smooth jazz. Many have called it the Muzak of today. But I have CDs of such groups as Spyro Gyra, the Yellowjackets and the Rippingtons. I’m also a big fan of “Watercolors”, the smooth jazz channel on SiriusXM.
I still listen to music of my youth especially what I played as a dj (Yes, D.J. the dj) on WSUP-FM at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. I also savor classical music and opera along with regular jazz.
But I can think of nothing better on a sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky than driving somewhere and having a group like Spyro Gyra on the radio with the windows down.
Perhaps my musical tastes have gotten somewhat older. That’s okay. What I listen to makes me happy. And even if I didn’t like all of my folks’ music, that’s okay. It made them happy.
And in the long run, that’s the most important thing.