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David Letterman says farewell tonight to a television career that has covered over 30 years.
He will host the “Late Show with David Letterman” one last time. Stephen Colbert will take over his spot in September.
To be honest, I didn’t watch him regularly after he came to CBS in 1993. I caught the show every now and then. I just didn’t think it was as good as when he was on NBC from 1982 to 1993.
My college roommate got me hooked on “Late Night with David Letterman” my sophomore year and we always made sure we were done studying by 11:30 p.m. when the show started.
There seemed to be a rebelliousness on that show that offered a good contrast to Johnny Carson who came on an hour before. While I loved Johnny Carson’s show and his humor, there was an establishment feel to it.
If NBC was a class of students, then those associated with “Late Night with David Letterman” were the class clowns of 30 Rockefller Plaza, not wanting to listen to what the teacher said and always in the mood for a prank.
When Letterman moved over to CBS, I watched pretty regularly at first. But then it seemed Letterman became part of the establishment. His show got its own theater
There’s nothing wrong with that and there were still a lot of laughs on “Late Show with David Letterman.” It’s inevitable. Letterman got older and his audience that watched him during college on NBC got older. But I don’t think he was ever able to duplicate what was appointment TV on NBC.
But regardless of that, thanks for the many laughs Dave.