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Growing up and beginning with the first mission I remember watching, Apollo 13, I watched as much coverage of the space missions I could through the first couple of Space Shuttle flights.
I remember Apollo 16 was launched on an April Sunday in 1972 and I pestered my Dad to drive as quickly as he could home so I wouldn’t miss the launch.
NASA did a great job of producing films on every mission they have flown. I know those films cover the missions at least through Skylab and probably longer. I still have some of those VHS tapes and DVDs.
But another way for space history buffs to watch space history is on YouTube. Someone posted an extensive collection of video from the live coverage that CBS and NBC provided of many of the Apollo flights and many Gemini flights which was even before my time.
It’s interesting to watch how the flights unfolded as they happened and also it shows how primitive television news was back then compared to now, technically.
A lot of video is talking heads time, so you will probably do some fast-forwarding. But it’s definitely worth a look.