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Many of this morning’s media reports (Monday, June 8) told of big news from Springfield, home of “The Simpsons.”
The USA Today reports that the show’s producers revealed at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas this past weekend that Sideshow Bob (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), man of enormous feet and psycho hair, will finally kill his longtime nemesis Bart Simpson in the show’s upcoming Halloween special.
It’s been a long time in coming for Sideshow Bob, who has been on Bart Simpson’s heels for about 25 years. But the USA Today report and other media reports stress that Bart’s death and Sideshow Bob’s happiness will only last the length of the Halloween special.
The Halloween specials, named “Treehouse of Horror” with a roman numeral after each special, have been a show staple since the second season.
Some have been funny and entertaining and others not. My favorite is “Treehouse of Horror IX” from Season 10. Homer changes in a big way when he gets a hair transplant from “Snake”, the town thug who was executed in a big Fox television special hosted by Ed McMahon. Bart and Lisa in the second segment are trapped in an Itchy & Scrachy cartoon. The third and final segment is the best Halloween segment of the show ever.
Marge reveals that Maggie’s father is the alien, Kang. Everyone goes on “The Jerry Springer Show” to discuss things with plenty of fights and a lot of bleeped out talk.