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Recently, I stumbled upon a new channel on my cable system called Buzzr. And it offers classic game shows 24 hours a day.
According to the channel’s website, it launched June 1 and is currently in 17 cities including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. In Chicago, it can be seen over the air on WPWR-TV’s Channel 50.4. It’s at Channel 132 on WOW cable.
I’ve gotten a particular kick out of seeing two shows I watched regularly on summer vacations as a kid — “Tattletales” and “Match Game” — which were two of the most popular game shows on television during the 1970s.
Both shows relied on celebrities as panelists and there were plenty of innuendo and double-entendres and I am surprised my folks let me watch them. They probably thought it would all go over my head at my young age. They were right. : )
An episode of “Tattletales” shown recently featured a William Shatner between the “Star Trek” television show and the start of the “Star Trek” movies.
You get a sense of the era as shown by all the Nixon and Watergate jokes made during an episode of “Match Game” and also by the prizes that were given to the contestants.
The channel also shows “To Tell The Truth” and a 1950s episode I saw also included the commercials that were seen on the original broadcast.