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To be honest, I have not watched much of Melissa McCarthy’s work. I thought “The Heat” where she played a Boston detective to Sandra Bullock’s FBI agent was very funny at times, but at many points was mean and vulgar without any humor.
That’s not the case with her latest movie “Spy” that delivers laughs pretty much nonstop through the entire film.
McCarthy plays meek Susan Cooper, a CIA agent with training to be in the field. However, she’s stuck at a desk helping out James Bond-like colleague Bradley Fine played by Jude Law.
Fine is killed. Don’t worry. This is a comedy and things don’t get too dark, but I don’t want to give too much more away.
Cooper is then sent out to track Fine’s killer. She becomes Jane Bond and travels all over Europe in search of those responsible.
There’s plenty of action in “Spy” to give it a feel of a James Bond movie in addition to the tour of Europe. Even the theme song is Bond-like. And McCarthy’s ability to bring humor into this situation picks up full steam when her Susan Cooper sheds her meekness and starts kicking a** and taking names.
Adding to the humor of the movie is Allison Janney, who plays Cooper’s boss, and Jason Statham, who plays a CIA agent willing to do anything to accomplish a mission. . .anything.

Rating — *** stars