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It’s that time of the summer when many television shows start production for the upcoming season.
“Hawaii Five-0” began its work recently with a special ceremony, pictures and details of which can be found on the show’s Facebook page or at cbs.com.
The cast and crew were on location to film the first scenes of the season premiere episode. A traditional Hawaiian blessing started things off. I had never heard of a television show doing that before and I thought it was a neat thing to do. The show’s new season starts Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. CDT on CBS.

The Dirty Harry movies were obviously very popular during the 1970s and John Wayne wanted in on the trend and made a couple of police movies during that time.
“Brannigan”, released in 1975, was on Turner Classic Movies last night (July 16) and will be shown again on Aug. 19 at 5 p.m. CDT. Wayne plays Jim Brannigan, a Chicago police detective sent to London to bring back organized crime boss Ben Larkin, played by John Vernon. Vernon went on to an even more famous role as the notorious dean of Faber College in 1978’s “National Lampoon’s Animal House.”
“Brannigan is essentially John Wayne being John Wayne except he’s kicking butt in 1970s London and not on some cattle drive. There’s even a barroom brawl in “Brannigan” that looks like a lot of those in some of his westerns. Wayne made a successful transition from horse to car in “Brannigan” and this is a fun film to watch.