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I have Hulu on my ipad and I have discovered a couple of television series which I believe are definitely worth your time.
I am about halfway through the 13-episode first season of “Manhattan” which aired on WGN America in addition to being on Hulu.
It is the story of the scientists and their families as they lived and worked at the laboratories in Los Alamos, New Mexico during World War II developing the first atomic bomb.
The biggest strength of this series is that even though most (unless they slept through history class) viewers know the outcome of what happened, “Manhattan” still makes you feel like you want to follow this series to the end conclusion because you want to see if the characters survived all the pressure they were under from the work they did and trying to keep their families from breaking under the strain of interrupting their normal lives and forcing them to hole up in a laboratory complex in the middle of the New Mexico desert.
The show’s protagonist is physicist Frank Winter, played by John Benjamin Hickey. You might recognize Hickey from the “Law and Order” shows where he was a frequent guest. Daniel Stern plays another of the scientists.
Season 2 of “Manhattan” premieres on WGN America on Oct. 13 and episodes will be posted to Hulu as they air.

My second recommendation is from the BBC and also available on Hulu. It’s called “The Ambassador” and it aired from 1998 to 1999. Actually, the entire series is just 13 episodes. Pauline Collins played Harriet Smith, a veteran diplomat who takes over as British ambassador to Ireland.
I’ve seen just a couple of episodes, but I’ve observed enough political intrigue and the complexity of the relationship between the two nations in those two episodes to keep watching.