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The other day I was opening a box of glassware, wrapped in newspaper, for my mom in my folks’ basement and found in the box the tv listings from the Chicago Daily News for the week of March 4 to 11, 1978.
So get out your best leisure suit, grow those sideburns and put in that 8-track tape (“Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive, ha, ha, ha, Stayin’ Alive”) and see what was on TV back in 1978.

COVER STORY: The listings had a cover story on Angie Dickinson, then star of NBC’s “Police Woman.” She wasn’t very happy that the show’s scripts had her fighting crime many times while taking a shower.

SUNDAY, MARCH 5: Maybe not so much now, but back then local television had plenty of public affairs shows on Sunday mornings. At 7:30 a.m., Channel 5 in Chicago (NBC) had “Agriculture U.S.A.” Meanhile, Channel 7 (ABC) had “For You, Black Woman.” The description in the listings said of the program, “Rev. Ike, controversial minister, will share his religious and secular philosophies with host Alice Travis.

SUNDAY NIGHT, MARCH 5: Here’s what you could watch from 6 to 10 p.m. on CBS, NBC, ABC and WGN.

CBS — “60 Minutes”, “Rhoda”, “On Our Own”, “All in the Family”, “Alice”, “Carol Burnett.”

NBC — “Wonderful World of Disney”, “Fabulous Fifties” (a special that looked back at the 1950s hosted by several celebrities including Lucille Ball), “Love, Sex and Marriage Test” (a special hosted by Tom Snyder and Suzanne Sommers that was a viewer-participation quiz on the six integral parts of a marriage. Guests included Ann Landers, Joan Rivers and Abe Vigoda.

ABC — “Hardy Boys-Nancy Drew”, “How The West Was Won”, Movie: “The Way We Were.”

WGN — “Space 1999” (started at 5:30), “In Search of”, “That Nashville Music”, “Hee Haw”, “Bobby Vinton”, “Lawrence Welk.”

MORNINGS DURING THAT WEEK — “Ray Rayner and Friends” came on WGN right at 7 a.m. “Garfield Goose and Friends”, which had followed Ray Rayner, ended production in 1976. These two programs along with “Bozo’s Circus” at noon, also on WGN, were part of the lives of most kids growing up in the Chicago area during that era.

IF YOU HAD THE TV ON DURING THE AFTERNOON — Here what was on WGN from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays.

“Family Affair”, “Love American Style” (2 episodes), “Mickey Mouse Club”, “Flintstones” (2 episodes), “I Dream of Jeannie”, “Bewitched”, “My Three Sons.”

MONDAY NIGHT, MARCH 6: Here’s what you could watch from 7 to 10 p.m. on CBS, NBC, ABC and WGN.

CBS — “Body Human” (It was a special. Listings description said “Sophisticated photographic techniques enable viewers to perceive the intricate mechanisms with the human body. . .”, “MASH”, “One Day at a Time”, “Lou Grant.”

NBC — “Little House on the Prairie”, Movie: “Sybil” (Part 1).

ABC — “Six Million Dollar Man”, Movie: “The Seven-Ups.”

WGN — “Star Trek”, “Movie: “Between Heaven and Hell.”

THINGS CERTAINLY HAVE CHANGED — Bill Cosby was the guest host of “The Tonight Show” during this week.

SATURDAY MORNINGS — This cornucopia of cartoons, sugar cereals ads and toy commercials lasting all morning was still going strong. It started at 7 a.m. and you had the choice of “Robonic Stooges” on CBS, “Hong Kong Phooey” on NBC and “Superfriends” on ABC.

7:30 — “Speed Buggy” (CBS), “Go Go Globetrotters” (NBC), “Archies” (WGN).

8:00 — “Bugs Bunny-Road Runner” (CBS), “Laff-a-Lympics” (ABC), “Archies” (wGN).