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About 4 years ago, I was channel surfing one night and discovered “Nitro Circus” on one of the MTV channels.
It starred Travis Pastrana and several other action sports athletes, who for 30 minutes each episode, pushed the envelope with motorcycles, cars, bicycles, skiing, BASE jumping and the like.
I really liked the show. It certainly wasn’t dull and I admired the cast because they did things I never would ever have the guts to do. But I also liked it because it was fun watching people doing what they liked and really enjoying life.
The show lasted two seasons. But out of it came a live show that tours the world regularly, a “Nitro Circus” movie and another MTV show about the tour itself.
If I didn’t have a scheduling conflict, I would be at their show Oct. 21 at the United Center in Chicago.
I was shocked to get on Facebook yesterday and find out about the death of “Nitro Circus” member Erik Roner, 39. He was killed while skydiving for a charity golf event in Squaw Valley, California.
According to published reports, it was a routine jump. But Roner hit a tree and was killed.
The orgnization holding the golf event was The Squaw Valley Institute which Roner donated his time, according to a USA Today report.
He is survived by a wife and two children.
I’m not going to get deeply philosophical here. I only watched “Nitro Circus” and enjoyed it. But if “Nitro Circus” fans can take anything from the show and the people who participate in it is to live life to the fullest in whatever way works best for you.