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I have always meant to read one of Shane Gericke’s novels.
He’s a bestselling thriller writer that lives in my hometown of Naperville, Illinois. I knew he was coming out with a new book last month and I finally got down to business to get this done.
But I decided to first read “Torn Apart”, his 2010 novel that featured Detective Emily Thompson trying to keep herself sane while trying to keep Naperville safe from a psycho of all psychos with a twist I didn’t see coming. I wanted something to compare it to “The Fury.”
“Torn Apart’ was an excellent read. Gericke writes tightly. The chapters are short and he keeps the action moving. He keeps it moving so fast, that I spit out an expletive a few times because I had to put the book down. You want to know what happens next.
Then I read “The Fury.” And Gericke hasn’t just taken a few steps up as an author with his latest work. He took the express elevator up.
“The Fury” takes us out of Naperville on a whirl-wind journey that starts with the explosion on an oil platform. On the trip through the pages, we read of the discovery of deadly chemical weapon bombs thought long ago to have been disposed of safely and the process on how those chemical weapons were developed in World War II Japan. We make stops in the Oval Office during the Franklin Roosevelt and Richard Nixon administrations as the topic of those deadly bombs comes up
We meet Chicago vice cop Superstition Davis who is hungry for revenge against the person who killed her husband. That leads Davis to a Mexican drug cartel, the leader of which is the bad ass to end all bas asses. Will he get a hand on the bombs? Read and find out.
Gericke puts all of these plot points together perfectly. The book still has that Chicago area feel, but is much more worldly than “Torn Apart.”
If you are into thrillers and haven’t read a Shane Gericke book, do so. Just cancel all your appointments until you get to the final page. He’a an author with lots of adventures left for us to go on.