Up until about two years ago, I was not much for reading poetry. Oh, I read what was required in school. But I never sought it out.
That changed thanks to my friend and poet Kristin LaTour who lives in the Chicago area like me.
I met her through her husband and my friend Paul LaTour when we were both in the Naperville Sun newspaper sports department. Over the last couple of years, I have joined them at several open mic nights in the Chicago area for poets and other writers. I enjoyed myself and liked hearing what these writers had to offer.
Kristin has a new book of her poems out entitled “What Will Keep Us Alive.” And her talent is definitely on the pages. I’m not an expert on poetry. But I do know that when I’m reading one of her poems I am sent to the place she is talking about and I’m seeing what is happening. It’s very real. And I know that whether it’s a poem, novel, screenplay, whatever, that’s good writing.
“What Will Keep Us Alive” has helped advance my education in poetry and my desire to read more of it. If you are a regular poetry reader or new to it, I highly recommend this book.
Visit sundresspublications.com for details on how to order it.