The Christmas holiday at my sister’s always means time for movies and on one of the cable movie channels I discovered a pretty good gem.
It’s “The Simple Life of Noah Dearborn” starring Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier. It’s a made-for-television movie that first premiered on CBS in 1999.
Noah Dearborn, played by Poitier, is a carpenter living in rural Georgia who lives on land left to him by his family.
A developer wants that land for a shopping center and enlists the help of his psychologist girlfriend Dr. Valerie Crane (Mary-Louise Parker) to find a way to separate Poitier from his land. Crane gets to know Dearborn and later decides to help him keep his home.
If you put this movie up to what else Poitier has done, it pales big time. But it’s good, solid storytelling with true emotion and Poitier again shows why he is one of Hollywood’s acting legends.
The movie is available on DVD, Hulu and iTunes.

RATING — *** stars