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I am not into awards shows, but I do follow the Oscars and read the list of nominations, which came out today (Thursday, Jan. 13), with anticipation.
I need to see more of the films before I comment on them. But with any announcement of Academy Award nominations comes the usual reactions from people who think this film or that actor got snubbed, etc. It’s all part of the process.
So I thought I would make my first Oscar posting about movies that might not have been a best picture winner, but they certainly deserved a nomination and got snubbed. Sometimes a year has a lot of great movies and excellent films just get crowded out. It happens. But these three films got the boot and lesser films got nominations.

1. “A Night at the Opera” (1935) — It was the best Marx Brothers’ film of their careers. They were at their peak and never did anything so good again. It was a perfect combination of comedy mixed in with the culture of the opera.

2. “Singin’ in the Rain” (1952) — The year before Gene Kelly’s “An American in Paris” won best picture. I love the film. But the reality is it was a good film with just 20 minutes at the end of Oscar-caliber moments — the spectacular “An American in Paris” ballet. “Singin’ in the Rain” was two hours of Kelly at his best.

3. “Saturday Night Fever” (1977) — Yes, it ushered in the era of disco. But I also considered this film an elite tale of a young man (John Travolta) trying to escape the hopelessness of what was certain to be his future. “Star Wars” and “Annie Hall” were nominees that year. But this film should have taken a spot of one of the weaker picks.