I have posted my thoughts before on what I consider one of the best comic strips currently being published.
Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!, written and drawn by Tim Rickard, deals with the adventures of Brewster Rockit who is the dim-witted captain of the space station R.U. Sirius. Except for Lt. Pam Snap, the rest of the crew is definitely not NASA material. I like to say that the humor in the comic strip is so bad and stupid, it’s good.
The current story line has cracked me up every day since it started. Dr. Mel Practice, the station’s science officer and mad scientist, turned Brewster and Lt. Snap into emojis so they could get into Dirk Raider’s phone and find out what the comic strip’s main villain is thinking up next in the way of evil deeds.
If your favorite newspaper doesn’t have Brewster Rockit: Space Guy, it’s available at gocomics.com.
I wish it would be developed into a movie or television show, but I have seen nothing to indicate currently that will happen.