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Politics and governing is serious business, but I need to laugh at it every now and then whether the laughs come from an editorial cartoon, a comedy television program or a a comic strip like “Prickly City.”
I don’t get offended if the candidate I support is being satirized. I believe every one is fair game when it comes to political humor.
“Prickly City” creator Scott Stantis makes some good political points and gets laughs from his other characters. I don’t agree with all of Stantis’ messages, bu he scores the biggest laughs I think when we hear from Hunny Bunny. Yes, Hunny Bunny is a takeoff on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
On a side of her campaign headquarters building is a big poster of Hunny Bunny with her campaign slogan underneath her picture, “Less unlikable than you thought.” She announces her presence to her campaign staffers calling them minions. Obviously, you need to read the strip to get the full humor. But Hunny Bunny is certain someone I wouldn’t want to make mad. 🙂
Again, I don’t get upset if a candidate I support is getting skewered and I certainly don’t mind it if it’s a candidate I don’t support.
And in an election that’s not the most uplifting example of our democracy in action, we need all the laughter we can get.