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I am a huge “NCIS” fan and a milestone takes place this coming Tuesday (May 17) as Michael Weatherly turns in his badge after 13 seasons of playing Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo.
For the rest of this week and leading up to his final episode which is also the show’s season finale, I will list two episodes each day, in order, of what I consider the best moments of DiNozzo.

10. “False Witness” (Season 8) — The team is investigating the disappearance of a lead witness in a murder trial. It’s around Christmas time and DiNozzo is not himself. He promises to turn over a new leaf, be more adult. That lasted until there’s about five minutes left in the episode and Ziva and McGee get a surprise they didn’t expect.

9. “Dead Air” (Season 8) — Gibbs and his crew are trying to find out who murdered a naval officer who was a guest on a radio talk show. While questioning a person of interest in the interrogation room, DiNozzo loses his voice in what was a funny scene. Next we see Dr. Mallard (David McCallum) telling DiNozzo he has to rest his voice for a few days and then eggs him on with a movie quote as DiNozzo fancies himself quite the movie buff. For the first time in a long time, the very talkative DiNozzo can’t answer him and just his expression made me laugh.