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The countdown of what I consider the best 10 Michael Weatherly as DiNozzo episodes of “NCIS” keeps rolling.

6. “Under Covers” (Season 3) — DiNozzo and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) take the place of a married couple, who were professional assassins, but killed in a car crash. Gibbs wants to get the person who hired them to do a job. DiNozzo and Ziva spend the weekend in a first-class hotel acting as the married couple. DiNozzo and Ziva in bed isn’t hot and romantic. It’s very funny.

5. “Stakeout” (Season 5) — Everyone is going stir crazy spending hours on stakeout trying to catch the thief of a high-tech naval radar and DiNozzo’s maturity level on this case isn’t helping. The team witnesses a murder and DiNozzo tries to both charm and show up an attractive Washington, D.C. homicide detective.