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Only the top 4 episodes need to be revealed in my countdown of what I consider the 10 best DiNozzo episodes of “NCIS.”
The character of DiNozzo was often the class clown on the show and quite effectively. But the writers gave him plenty of serious situations to deal with and the top part of the countdown will be examples of that work.
I don’t favor drama over comedy. I like them both. But the top four episodes stand out above the others and today it is episodes No. 3 and 4.

4. “Aliyah” — This was the Season 6 finale, but the storyline had been running over the previous three episodes “Legends Part I”, “Legends Part II” and “Semper Fidelis.” Tony kills Mossad agent and Ziva’s boyfriend Rivkin in self-defense after DiNozzo began to question Rivkin’s actions and Ziva’s loyalty to NCIS. “Aliyah” ends with a showdown in Israel and Ziva is so enraged at DiNozzo when she confronts him about what happened and attacks him. Gibbs and DiNozzo return to NCIS and Ziva goes on a mission for Mossad in the final moments of the episode for the cliffhanger. NCIS fans will know that “Legends Part I” and “Legends Part I” were the first time we saw the characters from “NCIS: Los Angeles.” The show would premiere that fall (2009).

3. “Bury Your Dead” — This episode started Season 5 and DiNozzo is working undercover to stop illegal arms dealer La Grenouille. But he falls in love with his daughter, Jeanne, and things get messy when Jeanne finds out DiNozzo was not who he said he was although DiNozzo was truly in love with her. The storyline carries over into the next episode “Family.” Some very tense moments when Gibbs and the rest of the crew are watching traffic surveillance cameras in MTAC and spot DiNozzo’s car and see it explode. But obviously the driver wasn’t DiNozzo.