I complain to my friends often that I am done watching “Chicago Fire.”
But yet, I didn’t miss an episode this fourth season. At times, the show is like a steak dinner. But frequently it lowers itself into being just a hamburger and fries. Nothing wrong with a hamburger fries, but when you have had steak you want it all the time.
Most of last week’s season finale was steak level. Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) becomes a foster parent for a child she rescued in a fire and at the end it’s indicated that her relationship with Casey (Jesse Spencer) is stronger than ever.
Jimmy Borelli confronts Battalian Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) about Boden’s decision to allow Borelli’s brother to go back into a building that was about to collapse in the previous week’s episode to check for one more victim. Boreli’s brother was killed.
Dawson barely makes it out of a fire and then we see the men and women of Station 51 with the leaders of the Chicago Fire Department as Borelli’s brother’s badge is put into the memorial for fallen firefighters at CFD headquarters. There’s a moving voiceover during the memorial scene spoke by Boden about being a firefighter and sacrifice.
The show ends with Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) getting hot and heavy in one of their apartments after the ceremony. In the dark, we can make out the image of Kidd’s drug-addicted ex-boyfriend who is holding a knife.
Cliffhangers are obviously important in season finales, but this one seemed cheap and obvious after the moving scene just minutes before.
“Chicago Fire” succeeded in Season 4 with other storylines such as Casey becoming a Chicago alderman. That’s a buffet of future storylines.
But then there was Severide being demoted at the start of the season and Boden in danger of losing his job and going to jail after he’s framed by an evil real estate mogul. That storyline seemed excessive even for a soap opera with the villains bordering on being cartoonish.
When Season 5 begins in the fall, I will be back watching. I just wish “Chicago Fire” would serve steak more consistently.
I gave the show a B- at the midway point of the season. I will not change that.