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I wonder what the leaders of the Chicago city government and the police department think of the NBC series, “Chicago P.D.”
Each week it seems like a reflection of what Chicago is actually going through with crime and the behavior of some CPD officers in the performance of their jobs.
I would think they would cringe.
This posting though will just deal with the characteristics of the show. And it is just a television show, one that is done very well. Wednesday’s (May 25) season finale was no exception.
I think a TV cliffhanger is a good one when I lament I have to wait four months to see what happens next. This is one of those.
Voight (Jason Beghe), as you well know, is the effective commanding officer of the CPD’s intelligence unit. He always gets the bad guys although he gets them his way. But he is also not on the up-and-up as the safe full of cash in the basement of his house, hidden by shelves, can attest.
In Wednesday’s cliffhanger, Voight’s son, who was in the army and had turned his life around, apparently took another wrong turn and ended up murdered.
That sends Voight off the deep end and his actions cause Antonio (Jon Seda) and Lindsay (Sophia Bush) to become especially concerned. But the whole unit is not really liking where Voight is going. However, they remain loyal to him.
Voight then asks a favor of friend from the social club he hangs out in to find the shooter. It’s never mentioned, but those friends appear to be connected to some sort of organized crime.
Towards the end, Voight is in the area where he done some of his abuse to suspects and a car pulls up. It is his friend with three others. The shooter is in the trunk. Voight orders the shooter to dig his own grave.
Lindsay figures out what is going on and drives to the area and tries to stop Voight. He orders her away.
As she drives away, we see her crying. Voight took her in as a troubled teen and he’s like a father to her and Voight’s son Justin was like a brother.
The shooter admits he did it. Lindsay hears a gunshot and then there is a close-up of Voight.
The season finale gave me a strong feel that the show will go in a big different direction, at least temporarily, when new episodes resume in September. What is going to happen to Voight? What is going to happen to those under his command?
Wednesday also meant the final appearance of Officer Roman (Brian Geraghty). Roman had been shot in the May 11 episode. He recovered, but his injuries will prevent him from returning to full duty. He asks his partner Burgess (Marina Squerciati) to join him in San Diego where he is going to live. The two had become romantically involved.
He decides that she should stay in Chicago and she’s glad of that because she too wants to stay and focus on being a cop.
Geraghty is leaving the show to pursue other projects, according to an online report today (Thursday, May 26) by The Hollywood Reporter.
Beghe is excellent as Voight and deserving of at least an Emmy nomination where they are announced this summer. His character is the balance of wanting to do right by his city, but not having the moral courage to do it the right way. He is definitely an anti-hero.
I gave an A to the show at mid-season and its final grade is an A. It is a well-done police drama that is well-structured in plot, direction and writing. We get to see the case solved and see some personal stories of the members of the intelligence unit, but so much that “Chicago P.D.” turns into a soap opera.