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I admire producers of television shows that can be consistently good week after week. And it cannot be easy when 22, 24 episodes have to be made during the course of a TV season.
Over the summer, I hope to write about shows that I needed to catch up on through streaming services because I didn’t have the time when some or all of the episodes were originally aired. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the first.
I gave the FOX show an “A” at mid-season and that grade won’t change. With the exception of one or two episodes, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has been a consistently funny program and shows no signs of letting up after three seasons.
For those of you not familiar with the show, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a comedy about New York City Police Department detectives that work out of the fictional 99th precinct in Brooklyn.
Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg, who is also a producer, is Detective Jake Peralta. A good cop, but kind of like Peter Pan. He doesn’t want to grow up.
The rest of the detective squad is made up of Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero). She’s also a good cop, but kind of reminds you of the captain of the high school pep squad. Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) takes no crap from anyone and Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is Peralta’s best friend. His character is hard to describe, but the most important thing is he’s funny.
Terry Crews plays Sgt. Terry Jefferds who tries to keep control of the squad. Chelsea Peretti is civilian administrative assistant Gina Linetti, who marches to the beat of her own drummer.
Dirk Blocker (Mike Hitchcock) and Joel McKinnon Miller (Norm Scully) add more comic material as two detectives who should have retired a long time ago.
This crew is led by Captain Ray Holt, played by Andre Braugher, who has been twice nominated for an Emmy for his work on the show. For crying out loud, just give him a damn statue already. He is brilliant in this role. I don’t think most actors would have the skill to be that serious in a comedy show such as this.
Three highlights stand out from this past season including the 98th and 99th precinct detectives having to share an office for the day, Diaz’s bachelorette party and Santiago going undercover in a women’s prison. Those were moments of inspired lunacy.
When the new season starts in September, we will see how Peralta and Holt are adjusting to witness protection. I am going to stick to my rule of not giving away too much in case you haven’t seen these episodes. But take a look, the laughs will definitely be there.