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Imagine being an undercover agent trying to make your way into the world’s biggest drug cartel. One wrong move and you’re dead.
That was the case with United States Customs Agent Robert Mazur who went undercover in the 1980s to infiltrate the money-laundering organization of drug lord Pablo Escobar.
His efforts and those of his fellow agents resulted in a triple-digit arrest number and the bringing down of an international bank that was the largest money-laundering financial institution at the time.
Bryan Cranston keeps the momentum going after his Oscar-nominated performance in “Trumbo” as federal agent Robert Mazur. John Leguizamo is Emir Abreu, Mazur’s partner at United States Customs and Diane Kruger plays Kathy Ertz, a rookie agent who plays Mazur’s fiancĂ© in the undercover operation.
All are terrific in their roles as is “Law & Order” alumnus Benjamin Bratt, who is the highest-ranking Escobar lieutenant that Mazur deals with.
“The Infiltrator” works for many reasons, but the biggest reason is it effortlessly builds up the tension that Mazur and the undercover agents feel as the case builds against those they want to stop. His job is a burden to his family and more importantly, he has to be careful every minute he is undercover. One wrong move and he’s dead. The efforts of director Brad Furman and screenwriter Ellen Brown Furman paid off in showing this in addition to Cranston’s performance.
The screenplay is based on Mazur’s book, “The Infiltrator.”

RATING — *** 1/2 stars