I had enjoyed my friend and former work colleague Ted Slowik’s album “Comfort Zone.” I thought it was an excellent work from the first song to the last and I was impressed with my first experience with his music.
When Ted announced earlier this year that he was producing another album, I was looking forward to what he was going to do.
Well, “Second Chance” landed in my mailbox yesterday and it was worth the wait. If to use baseball expressions consider “Comfort Zone” an RBI double. Consider “Second Chance” to be a home run.
This is one body of impressive work.
Ted has always been a great songwriter and singer and is adept at drawing from his own experiences. But his musical versatility, at least to me, stands out more in “Second Chance.”
The listener can feel reflective in listening to “Perfect”, “Back To You” or “Sand Castles.” “America” is a rocking, fun look at this nation. “Could Be Heaven” has a distinct country feel to it and “Act of God” definitely feels R and B.
The overall sound of “Second Chance” is seamless with not only Ted, but with the efforts of those musicians who worked with him on the album. They include Kev Wright on electric and acoustic guitars, Luke Smith on drums, Johnny Gadeikis on bass, Jason Botka on keyboards and harmonica, Katie Bern on fiddle and Jennifer Botka on vocals.
For more information on Ted, visit his website, tedslowikmusic.com. If you have a chance to see him perform live, do so.

RATING — ****