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I know the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians play Game 2 of the World Series tonight (Oct. 26), but warm up your DVR and enjoy another lineup of TV travel programs on WYCC-TV in Chicago.
Also, I hope to return to blogging regularly but I have been hurting for topics. But I will always post my weekly TV travel program preview.

7:30 p.m. — “Travels With Darley” — My great grandfather came from Wales so shows devoted to it are always special to me. This episode focuses on the Isle of Anglesey. The show checks out the Wales Coast Path, a town with the world’s longest place names and life on a Welsh farm.

8 p.m. — “Rick Steves’ Europe” — Rick continues his trip to Germany with visits to Frankfurt and Nuremberg.

8:30 p.m. — “Travelscope” — Joseph Rosendo is in Istanbul and enjoys its many bazaars, restaurants, churches, mosques and neighborhoods.

9 p.m. — “Globe Trekker” — This episode looks at the isolated island of St. Helena located in the South Atlantic. St. Helena is where Napolean spent his final years. The viewer also gets to the historic settlement of Jamestown and Longwood House, where Napolean was imprisoned. And the show presents an 180-year-old giant tortoise, who might have met Napolean. 🙂